Glympse for Salesforce
Service Cloud

Your investment in Salesforce Service Cloud is a great one. Glympse can help make it even better for your field services team.

With Service Cloud + Glympse you get predictable visibility in real-time, location intelligence, and built-in customer notifications and communications.

Our pre-built integration connector makes adding Glympse simple and quick. This means faster time to market, lower upfront costs, and less time spent configuring your solution.

Get Added Benefits with Service Cloud + Glympse

Real-time Technician Status

Offer your customers the ability to see the real-time status of your field technician while on the way to their scheduled appointment.

Fewer Missed Appointments

Providing your customers with transparency reduces missed appointments and truck rolls, and increases customer service.

Improved Operations

Having the ability to see the whereabouts and job completion statuses of technicians causes less confusion and more productivity.

Reduced Phone Calls

Automatic texts/emails about the real-time status of the field techs whereabouts reduces calls to you asking “Where is the technician?”

Automated Texts and Email

Send your customers texts/emails about their service call, directing them to view a web-based map customized for their order.

The Integration is Done

The integration has already been completed for you, allowing for a broad set of use cases like yours to be quickly and easily deployed.

Waiting Customer with Laptop

Solve Common Business Challenges

Glympse offers real-time and predictable visibility that builds trust and safety into every service appointment or product delivery. Our customers come to us because they were dealing with the following issues:

Limited choices for communication

Lack of control

Reactive communication

Lack of data insights

Broad delivery or service window

Glympse for Service Cloud Provides Solutions for Many Industries and Unique Use Cases

Field and home service technicians

Product delivery or pickup

Medical equipment repair, installation, or delivery

Logistics and fleet location management

Inbound and outbound transportation

Home Services Technician with Tablet

Steelcase + Salesforce Service Cloud + Glympse

Steelcase is a leading global manufacturer of furniture, case goods seating, and space solutions for offices, hospitals, classrooms, and residential interiors, headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI. They chose Glympse to help provide a real-time location solution for live tracking of drivers, complete with messaging via email and SMS text to let customers know when their products are on the way. The end result is an Uber-like solution that provides greater transparency, an incredible customer experience and incredible operational savings.

Get started. It's easy

If your business uses Salesforce Service Cloud, follow these simple steps to get started today.


Install our Package

Contact our team for a link to download the Glympse package for Service Cloud.


Configure Service Cloud

Configure the Glympse package in your Service Cloud environment.


Get the Benefits

Enhance your Service Cloud instance with the many benefits Glympse offers.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

Who is Glympse?

Glympse is the leading geo-location tracking platform that comes complete with built-in customer notifications and communications. We work with companies of all sizes who seek predictive visibility and location intelligence solutions by helping them capture and process data elements to visualize and intelligently trigger both internal and external events.

Who needs Glympse?

Companies who:

  • Dispatch workers to specific locations to install, repair or maintain equipment or systems
  • Provide big, bulky deliveries to homes or offices
  • Are needing to reduce inbound call center volumes
  • Are looking to reduce truck rolls and/or not-at-home stops
  • Need to provide more accurate delivery times and estimates to your customers
  • Are looking for a way to proactively communicate with their customers during the right time that matters most
  • Need to increase CSAT or NPS scores

What are the benefits of Glympse?

  • Reduced truck rolls and fewer missed appointments (as much as 30%)
  • Reduced “Where’s my technician/delivery?” calls (as much as 68%)
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Job status updates
    Real-time location tracking in the field
  • Automated SMS/emails
  • And many more!

What kind of privacy & data security does Glympse have?

Glympse is committed to data security and privacy. We are continuously enhancing our platform, practices and practices to adhere to the dynamic GDPR and CCPA compliance regulations to protect data. We are also SOC 2 Type 2 certified. 

What does Glympse do?

Glympse facilitates communication between the right people at the right time when it matters most. Built on location intelligence and a solid enterprise foundation, Glympse delivers industry-leading solutions with a focus on convenience, trust and innovation.

Is Glympse integrated with Salesforce Service Cloud?

Yes. This makes it easier for you to experience the many benefits of Glympse for your business.

What are Glympse’s primary features?

Glympse’s core features are robust. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Real-time ETA and service tracking
  • Two-way communications
  • Post appointment feedback capture
    Feature-rich mobile app
  • Order details
  • Seamless navigation
  • Optimized routes
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Proof of delivery
  • Dashboard view for Admins

How can I get started with Glympse?

It's easy to get started. Simply contact us today and we'll get you setup in a few simple steps. Contact us at to get started with Glympse for Salesforce Service Cloud today.

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